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About us

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Windows & Office

  • It is a company located in Germany, dedicated to supplying Microsoft software activation keys, at the best prices, whose strength lays in the 24/7 support provided by our technical staff during the installation of the product
  • Unlike other companies, Windows & Office seeks the total satisfaction of its customers. Therefore, the relationship with our clients does not end when the product is delivered, on the contrary, the technical support team is at your disposal to solve possible difficulties that the user may have during the installation of their software, until obtaining the total customer compliance.
  • Windows & Office cares about its community and offers its customers different opportunities to grow. With various affiliate programs, as well as special offers to individuals and institutions, we have a suitable offer for everyone.

Details of our Program

nuestro programa

The Windows & Office marketing team is pleased to present the Cash Advance Program. The objective of the Program is for the Windows & Office user to receive a special discount for all his purchases according to the following characteristics:

Cash Advance Program

  • The registered and validated client obtains an attractive percentage of discount as long as they have a balance in their advance cash.
  • Your advance money never expires, so as long as you have a balance, you will get the agreed discounts.
  • You can check your balance at any time.
  • You can increase your balance at any time.

How it works

  • The client registers in the Program through the Registration Form.
  • The client makes a minimum deposit of 1000 Euros and sends a verification (receipt, screenshot) of his deposit to [email protected]
  • The client places his orders on the page, he receives the 10% discount and the deliveries are in short terms.
  • When the client reaches the limit of his cash advance, he can make the last purchase with the discount, reimbursing the necessary balance to complete the cost of the product.

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Customer Support 24/7

Windows & Office

Windows & Office is a Microsoft Partner.

Email: [email protected]